‘Game of Thrones’ season 8 premiere recap: You now know something, Jon Snow

Unsurprisingly, the Northmen do not take it effectively that Jon has bent the knee to Daenerys and her fancy coat, and Sansa and Arya make it abundantly clear that they don’t seem to be down with a Targaryen coming in and performing like she owns the place. Jon hears this and, sure, he understands, however counterpoint: She has dragons and they’re extraordinarily enjoyable to journey.

He and Dany pull a “Entire New World” second on Drogon and Rhaegal, and whereas it is lovely and romantic, you might have gotten a twinge of foreboding when Dany checked out a frozen waterfall and stated,”We may reside right here a thousand years and nobody would know.”

The final time Jon canoodled with a lady within the craggy splendors of the north, he heard one thing related: “I do not ever wish to depart this cave, Jon Snow. Not ever,” Ygritte instructed him in Season 3. “Let’s not return.” However they did, and issues went terribly.

Dany additionally has some pecadilloes to reply for, just like the minor situation of utilizing her dragon to rotisserie the daddy and brother of certainly one of Jon’s most trusted and necessary mates. Sam would not take effectively to the information of the Tarley-cue, and he lastly tells Jon the reality: Jon is definitely a Targaryen, and as a lot a royal as his beloved Dragon Queen. Additionally, she’s his aunt, so … there’s so much for him to unpack. (Spoiler Alert: The subsequent 5 episodes are simply Jon going to remedy.)

In the meantime, in components south, Cersei cashes the examine her mouth wrote and sleeps with Euron Greyjoy after he brings her the Golden Firm. Perhaps it is only a vibe, however it looks as if the Golden Firm’s chief has completely no thought what he is gotten himself into and won’t be happy when he figures it out.

Fortunately, whereas Euron is in any other case engaged, Theon rescues Yara and so they reconcile, however as a substitute of hunkering down within the Iron Islands, the place the Military of the Lifeless cannot get him, Theon chooses to bail on her to go struggle with Jon and Dany within the north. A Theon redemption arc is excessive on numerous viewers’ want lists, however are they actually telling us he may have opted out of this complete mess however as a substitute chooses to get again into it? That boy won’t ever have any sense.

Additionally within the south: Qyburn, skilled lurker, provides Bronn an obscene amount of money to kill Jaime and Tyrion, two males the previous sellsword really admires. Cannot wait to see how that pans out.

This human pinwheel appears to be a cryptic message from the Night King.

Lastly Tormund, Beric and firm meet up with Dolorous Edd and firm at an deserted Fort Umber solely to find a ugly model of “The Military of the Lifeless wuz right here” within the type of little Ned Umber, impaled amongst a spiral of severed arms.

Because the band of males talk about this horror, Ned’s eyes all of the sudden flip blue and Beric has to actually set the entire array on hearth. Simply as quickly as you thought “Recreation of Thrones” was getting mushy by displaying you 55 minutes of glad reunions and gratuitous nudity, they provide you a shrieking, flaming undead-child pinwheel. Watch out what you would like for.

Burning questions

Sam’s certainly one of Jon’s most trusted mates, and he is positively NOT over the actual fact Dany roasted half of his household. Jon additionally did not appear too thrilled that Dany did not slip that little tidbit in amongst all of the pillow speak and dragon using. Will this have an effect on Jon’s rosy outlook on his queen/aunt/girlfriend?

Will Arya ever cease being coy in regards to the obscene quantity of individuals she’s killed?

What can Bran and Jaime probably need to say to one another?

And is Cersei nonetheless pregnant? Tyrion mentions that she nonetheless has one thing to reside for, however then Euron, ever the charmer, talks of placing a prince in her stomach (UGH) and she or he will get that inscrutable Cersei look on her face. What is the deal?

Greatest line

Sansa: “What do dragons eat?”

Daenerys: “No matter they need.”

Forgive us however … OOH, BURN!

Greatest scene

Followers have been frothing on the mouth for a Jon and Arya reunion for SIX SEASONS NOW. Are you cheerful? You ought to be glad. Tempered however tender. Stern however loving. And what higher approach for brother and sister to indicate their true affection than by evaluating swords?

It was an ideal illustration of their respective accomplishments and the way far they’ve come to search out their true selves. Jon is on the cusp of discovering his royal potential, shining within the Valyrian metal of his sword. And regardless of going through her facelessness, Arya has managed to carry on to Needle, and with it, her truest identification: A Stark of Winterfell.

Ship watch

Gendry and Arya

Take a look at Arya, being a standard human individual and flirting along with her long-lost blacksmith bud! Each of those loopy youngsters have been via some slop, so in the event that they wish to commerce barbs and m’ladys and weapons commissions earlier than the Military of the Lifeless destroys every little thing good and exquisite on the earth, allow them to!

Cersei and Euron

Elevate your hand if you happen to completely didn’t must know the way good or unhealthy Euron Greyjoy is at intercourse! Is that everybody? You within the again, too? Nonetheless, it looks as if Cersei is more than pleased to select up what he’s placing down. Will this this one-off transactional coupling morph into the darkish ship of our nightmares? Seven hells.

Loss of life rely

~10 random Greyjoy grunts skewered by Theon +

1 poor harmless Ned Umber +

~10 armless Umbers (hey, these spiral limbs needed to come from someplace)


= 21 deaths. All in all, a really light “Recreation of Thrones” complete.

Stray observations

Bran clearly knew Jaime was heading towards Winterfell. Which implies there’s in all probability some better stakes to Jaime’s go to past informing everybody of Cersei’s treachery (duh).

Cersei is loopy, however come on. After all elephants should not sail throughout the ocean.

Seems, dragons are like cats. They completely WILL watch you get busy together with your honey, and keep eye contact all through.

Varys very clearly hates being chilly and it is vitally relatable.

One daring prediction

Sansa and Dany are going to be BFFs.

The stress between Sansa and Daenerys is so intense (and well-justified), it would not be shocking if there was a single occasion or change that flipped their complete vibe and drew these two clever, headstrong ladies collectively underneath a shared motivation.

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